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Founded in 2016, CraftBuzz aims to bring you the latest developments and intriguing topics in the Minecraft community. Unlike other news sources, we analyze information from many different locations, including niche sites, and our writers come from varying backgrounds. Every article undergoes a meticulous editing and review session, where all contributors voice in on possible changes, including what readers comprehend from the finalized product. As such, rather than just serve you the news, we work to ensure that it’s understandable.

Our team adheres to two standards: publishing high-quality articles for everyone to read, and upholding a no-bias policy in everything we write. It is absolutely imperative that our work doesn’t raise eyebrows or bring unhappy members to our door. If there are any such issues with anything we write, feel free to send us a private message. Think of it as a win-win situation in everyone’s favor.

Worry not, Watson: Sherlock is here. We look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments section found below every article.

– buildblox and the CraftBuzz team

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