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Charity offers a win-win situation. After all, it is both beneficial to the recipient and gratifying to the donor. It builds reputation, maintains organizations, and leaves lasting character impressions. Everyone wants to donate to or assist a charity at one point or another to feel good about themselves, especially when charities are always ready to thank those who contribute to their cause. Everyone gets what they want; it’s a happy cycle to take part in.

Meanwhile, the majority of us (assuming you’re reading this article for the fun of it) are sitting in front of our screens for excessively long periods of time, probably lurking on various forums,  participating in Bedwars, or binging the next Flash season on Netflix. In other words, we’re living awfully unproductive or, more accurately, self-centered lives. It’s ironic, considering I described a good chunk of how I pass my time, but it’s true, and we all know it.

We’ve established that charity offers a win-win situation. After all, who donates to a charity then proceeds to leave in despair—last I checked, no (sensible) person has ever said “Wow, I wish I didn’t waste that $20 on United Way; I’d hate to think about the meal I helped provide.” So, in turn, how do you replicate that scenario in our virtual universe of block-game sites?

In walks the brilliant individual who introduced the concept of a charity server. The idea itself is so simple yet so clever in the sense that it not only makes you feel good about donating, but also provides a playground you can interact in, just like most other servers. The plan is similar throughout most charity servers: sell ranks or any other type of purchasable in-game amenity, provide a worthwhile experience to both those who donate (and occasionally provide a taste to those who are unable to spare the funds), and finally send all (or sometimes, to cover hosting costs, the majority) of the proceeds to a designated charity. This type of model has proven to be extremely successful, driving up the gain by thousands of dollars in some cases.

In the video-game world, we’ve been all too accustomed to the “give-to-get” model, so few of us have truly maintained our generosity (that’s not to say that nobody wants to help others, but it just isn’t as common to see someone pull out their wallet or, in this case, log into their PayPal if they know there isn’t going to be a return). However, charity servers also provide the experience in the pay. You not only get to help those in need, but also have the opportunity to bond with those who felt just as you did and wanted to contribute.

All this being said, I’m proud to announce that CraftBuzz is partnering with Craftathon, a Minecraft charity-server event taking place on the weekend of July 29-30. I, along with various YouTubers, server owners, and website administrators, will be on the server during this two-day gathering. You’re more than welcome to join us—tickets are $5; if you choose to follow the more magnanimous route, VIP tickets are available for $20 (both can be purchased from the official Craftathon website, https://craftathon.org). All proceeds will go to Child’s Play Charity.

I encourage you all to attend. This is a great opportunity to give back to the community in a way you know you’ll be pleased with.

For more information on the charity event or how you can help advertise in the communities you’re a part of, join the Craftathon Discord guild.

See you soon!

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CraftBuzz Editor. I am an amateur programmer & video editor, fervent gamer, and passionate musician.

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  1. Vortex
    September 2, 2017

    are you going to make a post about Minecon Earth?

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